Hear The Sounds Of Space With Stellar

Feb 19, 2016

Stellar is an interactive art project, turning the constellations of the night sky into a beautiful sonic representation.


How To Use A Multimeter

Feb 13, 2016

Probably the most important tool in the maker’s toolbox is the multimeter, which can be used to diagnose most of the circuit.


Foot-Tapplingly Good MIDI Shoes

Feb 11, 2016

Ever find yourself tapping along to the beat with your feet? Why not put them to good use and trigger sounds as you tap!


DIY MIDI Fighter Controller

Feb 5, 2016

This DIY MIDI Fighter controller is a brilliant example of a project that is a relatively simple build, yet is a polished final product.


Control Toy Train With Wii Nunchuck

Feb 2, 2016

Is your controller for your toy train set a bit boring? Hook it up to a Wii Nunchuck and get full control over your train’s locomotion.


Twitter Mood Light – World’s Mood In Colour

Jan 31, 2016

The Twitter Mood Light changes colour depending on the overall mood of the world, calculated via tweets on Twitter.


Dobot – Open Source Robot For Everyone

Sep 19, 2015

The Dobot is an open-source robotic arm based on Arduino. It’s easy to use, easy to program, and features various real-world controls.


FAC Based Rubik’s Cube Solver

Sep 18, 2015

This FAC based Rubik’s cube solver uses a Pi to calculate the moves, and just gets on with it, in a beautiful, fluid motion.


3D Printed Watch With Alcohol Sensor

Sep 4, 2015

This rather bulky, yet coot, wristwatch not only shows you the time, it shows you when it’s time to call a taxi as you’re over the limit!


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