It's hard to imagine, but the Raspberry Pi is now 12 years old!

Since the original launch back in 2012, there have been over 60 million Pi boards of all types sold all over the world. Most of these have been the classic Pi boards, but a modest 4 million have been the Pico.

Over the years, we've seen great improvements of the board, from a single-core chip with composite video and no wireless capabilities, to a quad-core almost-desktop-replacement, supporting multiple 4K monitors, WiFi, Bluetooth and M.2 SSDs.

From the humble beginnings as a $35 board designed for students, we can see the improvements in technology over time. As the board has stayed mostly the same size, we can see how silicon and other components have become more performant with every iteration.

To celebrate their Birthday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is hosting an event at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory on Saturday.

At the event there will be a panel for questions and answers, various talks and workshops, and a show and tell showing off various maker projects.