The SaraKIT features a whole host of sensors and controls
The SaraKIT features a whole host of sensors and controls

For makers, the joy of building with Lego bricks never goes away. Seeking to elevate his Lego creations, Artur Majtczak embarked on a journey that resulted in the birth of SaraKIT — a new open-source PCB project.

Mike's vision with SaraKIT was clear: to harness the power of Gimbal Motors with unparalleled precision and while also being silent. Disregarding noisy and inaccurate servos, SaraKIT promised a new era of smooth motion and control. With Lego bricks as his medium and Raspberry Pi as his engine, Mike set out to create the ultimate RC car.

Dubbed "RC Car2", this project represents a significant evolution from its predecessor. Gone are the smartphone controls, replaced by the familiar interface of an Xbox controller for enhanced user interaction. Moreover, the transition from C++ to Python for control software ensures accessibility and ease of customization.

At the heart of the RC car are two precise BLDC Gimbal motors for steering and four-wheel driver operation. For power, the RC car relies on a power bank which features fast charging over USB-C.

IYou can read about the full build on his Hackster post, and discover more about SaraKIT's capabilities and projects on its dedicated home page.