Open Sesame Door Lock

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Magic could be real as seemingly, saying “Open sesame” at your door is now capable of opening it.

Whereas ultimately it isn’t technically as simple as that, Dheera Venkatraman has designed a very simple and easy solution to opening your door hands free using an android smart watch, a vanilla Arduino Uno, a HC- 05 Bluetooth module and a HS – 311 servo. The servo is simple drilled into the door and attached to a common thumb turn door latch so when powered, the latch turns, unlocking the door.

Whilst a simple concept, not many people have an android smart watch at their disposal but any android device that allows the “ok Google” voice command to operate should work.

Dheera gives all the necessary code to design the program that responds to the unlock of the door whilst also giving a simple app that allows Bluetooth to be sent from an android device.

The way the system works is as simple as it seems. Once “OK Google” is spoken into the voice-to-text app on a device, the phone, watch or tablet can then perform several tasks depending on what you ask it. With may people being familiar of the idea that a web search can be made by speaking, or a simple text message or phone call can be made to a contact, the device also allows apps to be open by asking it to “open [app]”. Therefore by creating an android app called “sesame” when asked to “open sesame” the app is run and the device communicates with the Bluetooth module wired up to the Arduino.

The program is then executed with the Arduino powering the servo and unlocking the door. While all code is given, it has been declared as “exceedingly barebones” and would not be entirely safe as a lock for anything other than novel purposes.

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