Laser mazes are usually reserved for jewel heist movies and science museums, but Nerdworking have created an awesome maze for you to challenge your friends to race through. If you've ever wanted to race though a laser room pretending to be a high-class thief, then you're in luck! The "Laser Mesh: A Spy Experience Game" based at the Nerdworking headquarters in Istanbul is easily portable, and apparently only takes a couple of hours to set up in a new location.

The bright green laser network is hooked up to an Arduino Uno which does all the processing. Smoke machines are used to allow the users to see the lasers more clearly. The 200mW lasers ate so powerful that they can burn skin and blind you. To help stop any unnecessary injuries, the laser system shuts off as soon as a laser beam is broken, and the lights come on and an alarm sounds. The challenge involves nimbly moving through the maze in under 3 minutes.

This might be a fun little game, but the ideas can be implemented into other projects... Maybe creating your own burglar alarm system in your house?