$200 DIY Quadcopter Made From 3D Printer

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Anderson Li and his team at the University of Victoria have made an amazing Quadcopter from an Arduino, some DC motors and parts printed from a 3D printer. The Quadcopter runs a modified version of the AeroQuad software, and can last a couple of hours in flight.

Using a single propeller causes the craft to rotate in the opposite direction of the prop. This is why helicopters have the propeller on the rear. The Quadcopter uses 4 rotors to control the craft, which rotate in different directions.This helps the stability and keeps a low profile, and relatively simple control.

The Quadcopter cost less than $200 to put together, with a frame that was printed from ABS plastic weighing 176g, a Styrofoam guard for the propellers, and the brushless DC motors.  A lithium ion battery powers the Quadcopter, and a 9 degrees of freedom sensor connected to an Arduino.

It’s a great little DIY drone that saves the hassle of buying a Quadcopter and fitting your own Arduino. You can read the entire build on the team’s project website.


Adam RogersAdam RogersI am the the founder and editor of Codeduino. I'm a developer by trade, and a maker by night. I've been 'making' ever since being introduced to Arduino at university - my final year project was an Ableton Live controller based on Arduino.


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