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Playing FPS games on a console is quite difficult compared to the accuracy of a PC mouse, and the gun controllers that were all the rage a few years back were terrible, and most games now don’t use a gun peripheral. That’s where the Delta Six comes in. It’s a gun shaped, Arduino-powered controller for your games console.

How The Delta Six Works

Delta Six with extras
Delta Six with extras

The controller works with PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and support for the next-generation consoles will be provided with a patch in the future. Players can move around using the buttons on the gun, but the real promise lies in the¬†authenticity¬†of the gun features. To reload, you tap the gun’ ammunition clip.

Looking down the scope will activate the zoom function, and when you hold it up to your shoulder while zooming, you activate the steady ‘hold breath’ feature. Moving the gun towards the screen results in a melee action. Rotating the camera is as simple as rotating the gun. Various parts can be added or removed, such as a silencer, shoulder rest and a scope. Did we mention it has force feedback too?

When Can I Buy One?

The controller is a Kickstarter project, which is around 50% towards its target. A pledge of $159 will get you the controller (cost price for backers, compared to the $225 release cost); estimated delivery December 2013.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter campaign has finished, but you can pre-order from the DeltaSix website.

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