Are you a geek who loves music? Well we have the perfect project for you. With the Bass Glitch Synth you can create a set of bass sounds and effects with just the tip of your fingers. The synth is powered by an Arduino Nano, and is controlled with some push buttons and voltage divider knobs. To add some special effects to the sounds there are some additional sensors with the synth.

This project does need some extra components and some mounting plates to make it all-in-one device. They have used a some Robot Geek components due to their ease of availability and easy to use features. The sensors are calibrated with precision to get more awesome sounds. If you are a music lover or you have a studio you can built this with low expense. Creating sounds has never been this easy - whether you are composer or a DJ, this is the gadget you must have in your inventory. Want to know a bit more detail?

So here is the deal: take a few push buttons and some rotating knobs. Interface them with the microcontroller and connect all the sensors. The sensors include a light sensor, but you could also use a distance sensor to add your own special twist. All the components are attached to a metal board that is 5 inches in length. All the controls and the 'brain' are in one place and easy to carry anywhere you may desire.

The Mozzi library is the platform which produces a response from the controls, and generates the sound. You can add more sensors to make the even more modifications to the music. The output is then fed to the speaker to hear your awesomeness fly. If you would like to build your own, check out the complete build instructions over at Hackster.