The 6 finalists of the 2013 Red Bull Creation contest have been announced. June 12-16 is the date for the 72-hour final to build a project involving a custom Arduino board made by Red Bull. This board, called the "TurBULL Encabulator" features a tri-axis accelerometer, a temperature sensor and is aimed at controlling a large array of LEDs.  This board has to be used as the main brains of the project, and the winning team gets a hefty $10,000! We've already featured one of the finalist teams before, the makers of the Romance Pants.

The final of the Red Bull Creation competition, 72-hour hack-a-thon will be held at the Northside Festival in McCarren Park, Brooklyn, New York from 12th to 16th June. Below are the finalists...


The Sky Striker


The RainbowTron


Tic Tac Woah



99 (Red Bull)oons


Maker Twins