White Bread Shield – Permanent Prototype Shield

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The White Bread Shield created by Tinkineering is a clever little concept. It’s a prototyping board, that is arranged so that you can create an Arduino shield, or an standalone Arduino project.

The shield is designed to connect perfectly with an Arduino Uno. There are a few tie points for each pin to allow you to connect directly to components or to the prototyping area at the other end of the board. Doing this lets you create your own permanent shield for your Arduino Uno board.

The real beauty lies in the ‘space’ left by the shield pins. In a commercial shield, the area between the pins is where the components are located. In this board the prototyping area is next to the pin connectors, which would leave the area between the pins empty.

White Bread Shield
White Bread Shield

The White Bread Shield fills this space with holes that allow you solder in your own Arduino components. Simply add an ATMega, some power and an oscillator, and you have your own Arduino compatible board with a pin out that will allow you to connect an Arduino shield.

White Bread Shield solves the problem of ‘permanent prototyping’ is such a simple and novel way. You can save a step in the process by creating your circuit on the board as a shield, and then embedding your own ATMega onto the board to turn the shield into a full stand-alone project. Probably the best idea since sliced (white) bread!

You can pledge a donation to the KickStarter campaign, and for $18 (after the early bird specials have gone), you can get 3 boards. Mark has a stretch goal in mind, which will probably happen as the campaign has already made 4x more than the original target (but he’s keeping it a secret until he hits it).

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