Pixy Shows Off Its Laser Tracking Capabilities

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We featured the Pixy over a week ago, and was completely gob-smacked by the rich feature-set is had. Pixy has now reached its Kickstarter goal (when we say reached, we mean absolutely smashed – pretty much hit 1000% of the target), and the Charmed Labs team have released a video showing off the laser tracking capabilities of the Pixy.

Although the team have demonstrated it with cats (not real cats just yet), this laser tracking technology could be used in some pretty creative ways. Apart from keeping your cat entertained when you’re out of the house, it could be used for various motion detection and path guidance systems. How long will it be before a Jean Michel Jarre style laser keyboard is made without the need for individual sensors on each beam?

The Pixy has just 4 days left of the Kickstarter campaign. Get over there now to secure yourself a Pixy as soon as they are ready.


The Pixy is available now for $69 from Amazon.com.

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  1. Brian Thornton

    Can it track lasers as well. As in if I point a laser at the wall will pixy cam seek and track the laser location?

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