Knock Out Injustice with KO-Bots

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In the run up to the holidays, it’s important to think of those less fortunate than ourselves.┬áThe holidays are not only a time for our family and friends, but a time of sharing, and helping our fellow man. The ‘Friendly Vengeance Team‘ have helped bring a cause to our attention with the KO-Bots.

You can watch the fight live on the website
You can watch the fight live on the website

The KO Bots are a set of red and blue fighters; the Rock ’em Sock ’em robots. A fun reminder of the past, for those old enough to remember, the robots are controlled via an Arduino, and a punch is thrown whenever the corresponding hashtag is tweeted on Twitter.

The cause is the L.A. Kitchen, which fights injustice using a number of different food-related programs. Although they do help provide food and nutrition to those in need, they also help reduce food waste and create jobs in the community.

You can help the cause by following the KO-Bots on Twitter, tweeting either #bluebot or #redbot to throw your punch, and donate to the L.A. Kitchen. Don’t forget to watch the live feed of your punch being thrown!

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