Paintball Sentry Gun (or Nerf if you prefer)

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Fed up of cats leaving surprises in your flower bed? Worried about burglars? Or maybe you are a paintball enthusiast and want to add an extra dynamic to your game?  Well now you can stop intruders (and opposing team members) in their tracks with an automated paintball sentry gun!

Alternative Paintball Sentry Gun Design
Alternative Paintball Sentry Gun Design

The gun can either run off an Arduino board, or you can buy a custom made board from Rudolphlabs. It can be made to fire airsoft (Nerf) bullets if you don’t want to risk shooting someone in the eye with a paintball. It uses simple servo motors to aim and fire the gun, and a webcam for tracking targets. A microcontroller is hooked up between the gun and a computer to control the servos.

It’s a completely open-source project, and is even used by the Australian Navy for training exercises!

You can find all the instructions, code and schematics on the project site.


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