Build Your Own Robotic Arm For $100

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If you want to make a project that’s a bit more than a few LEDs and sensors, robotics is the way to go. There’s loads of different types of robots you can go for: drones, cars, 3D printers to name a few. Eric from Lifehacker AU has created a tutorial for making a robotic arm, that demonstrates multiple practices for Arduino projects.

The robot is a completely movable and extendable arm, able to go up and down, spin around, stretch out and in, and grab objects. The project uses a MeArm kit, along with an Arduino starter kit.┬áThe project isn’t a terribly difficult project to make, as everything you need comes in kit form, so it’s a great project for beginners who want to make their first robotics project.

The MeArm kit comes with all the laser-cut acrylic panels you need, and the servos needed to move the arm. As it’s all connected up to an Arduino, you can add more components as you want, such as ultrasonic range finders, to have your robot more automated. Eric also shows you how to control the arm with a remote control, and a Wii controller.

It’s a great little project to start out in robotics, and it can always be altered later. You could mount it on wheels, or change the grabbing claw for something else and make your own wacky little robot!

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