Multi-Touch Touchscreen Music Controller

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If you liked the Arduinome, but thought it wasn’t high-tech enough, then this multi-touch music controller might be just the thing for you.

It’s the same concept as many of the other music controllers, except this is a large touch-screen coffee table design instead of rubber buttons. This is not only a sleek approach, but the 64 LEDs can be illuminated independently of the user touch. With multicolour LEDs, it could give more useful feedback to the user.

The touch feedback is read by an array of 64 IR sensors, and send the data to a computer. This information can then be used to trigger sounds and send feedback back to the unit.

You can read the whole instructable by amandaghassaei to learn how to build your own.

Adam RogersAdam RogersI am the the founder and editor of Codeduino. I'm a developer by trade, and a maker by night. I've been 'making' ever since being introduced to Arduino at university - my final year project was an Ableton Live controller based on Arduino.


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