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Why bother to check the weather on your phone or computer when you can have your desktop lamp show you instead? Tall-drinks (the Instructables hacker who made the slightly mad King Cobra game) has made a Bluetooth weather lamp that projects the weather onto the lampshade.

The lamp uses a servo to rotate a disc with various weather images cut out of it. The light shines through the template to reveal the weather on the shade. The Arduino is connected to a Bluetooth module, which communicates with an iPhone to collect the weather data from the internet.

Tall-drinks says himself that there are simpler ways to achieve the same effect. Separate bulbs could be positioned behind each individual weather shape, and each is illuminated to show the current weather condition. This would remove the need for a servo.

It’s a good little project to try if you want to make something different, or want to create an actual project with a servo and/or Bluetooth. You can find the full Instructable here.

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